We Closed and Eighteen Hallelujahs!

by Pastor Chris Williamson

Yesterday, February 18, 2014 was a beautiful day, because on it, we were able to close on the church’s property! If you were in church on Sunday, February 16th, you will remember that we had a time of congregational prayer because we were not able to close on our original closing date of February 12th. Due to two minor items the appraiser failed to take care of, we couldn’t close out as expected. The entire church prayed that we would be able to close on Tuesday, February 18th at 2:30 pm.
So yesterday morning, February 18th, as I was reading the Proverb that coincided with the date, that is chapter 18, I stumbled across verse 10 that says, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run in and are safe.” I momentarily forgot that this reference to the strong tower, which is where we got the name for our church back in 1995, was in this chapter. I felt the Lord’s presence come over me and assure me that He has Strong Tower Bible Church in His hands—as usual! So when it came time to walk into the banker’s office, I had great peace.thumb-blog-signthrowing
Everything went so well that the lender said, “This closing is going extremely smooth. In all of my years this is going smoother than most closings.” Praise God! So once we closed, I called Dorena and told her the good news. When I got back to the church, Tanya took a picture of me by the “For Sale.” Then she took pictures of Pastor D and me ripping the “For Sale” sign out of the ground and throwing it!!
God is so awesome that He arranged it whereby we closed on our property on the 18th day of February, in our 18th year as a church, exactly six months after we had our last worship service at the Cool Springs YMCA on August 18, 2013!
Because of all of this, can we give the Lord at least eighteen hallelujahs?
POSTED: February 19, 2014