The Body of Strong Tower Bible Church


As members of the local church, we are all called to play a role (and sometimes multiple roles) within the body of believers. The body of Strong Tower Bible Church is comprised of four sections: Up-Reach, In-Reach, Out-Reach, and Administration. Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities at STBC.

For a brief description of each opportunity within a particular section, click on that section’s header.

UP-REACH Ministry Opportunities

  • Audio Team
  • Band
  • Baptism Interviews
  • Baptism Pool Set-up and Tear-down
  • Baptism Robes & Towels
  • Cameras
  • Chair Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Communion Preparation
  • Dance Ministry
  • Decision Counselor
  • First Impressions/Greeters
  • Hospitality Table (Green Room)
  • Intercession Team
  • IT Team
  • Lighting
  • Medical Team
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Pro-Presenter Team
  • Sanctuary Decor
  • Security Team
  • Staging Team
  • Usher Ministry
  • Worship Service Controllers
  • Worship Singers

IN-REACH Ministry Opportunities

  • Children’s Ministry Workers
  • Discipleship Hour Teachers
  • Discipleship Hour Children’s Teachers
  • Financial Counselors
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Huddle Group Leaders
  • Huddle Group Children’s Leaders
  • Huddle Group Meals Team
  • Marriage Counselor
  • Membership Class Assistance
  • Men’s Ministry Leadership Team
  • Pre-Marriage Counselors
  • Student Ministry Leaders- Sunday
  • Student Ministry Leaders- Midweek
  • Women’s Ministry Leadership Team

OUT-REACH Ministry Opportunities

STBC Outreach Volunteers

  • Advertisement and Promotions
  • Missions Support Team
  • Neighborhood Outreach Team
  • Race & Social Justice Initiatives
  • Video Production Team

JT Moore Middle School Volunteers

  • Administrative Helper
  • Cafeteria Helpers
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Greeters
  • Resource Trailer- Dispenser
  • Resource Trailer- Stocker
  • Truck/Transportation
  • Tutors

ADMINISTRATION Ministry Opportunities

  • Building Minor Repair Team
  • Graphic Design
  • Grounds Beautification
  • Legal Representation
  • Painters
  • Photography
  • Product Tables
  • Special Events Team

Have you found your niche and now you’re ready to serve?  Complete our Service Opportunity Interest Form and a volunteer leader will reach out to you shortly.

Service Opportunity Interest Form

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