Elders and Deacons

Elder Team

An elder is an ordained, spiritually mature man who shepherds the people of God and manages the resources of God in the local church. The Elder Team at STBC is made up of staff pastors and lay elders. The senior pastor, who is the first among equals, serves as the recognized leader of the Elder Team.

The lay elders on the Elder Team oversee 4 areas: Pastoral Care, Finances, Intercession, and Personnel. Whenever a vote is taken in the Elder Team meetings, it must be of unanimous consent or the brothers will not move forward.

Active Lay Elders

Sherman Smith


Jon Kever


Aubrey Smith



STBC’s diaconate is comprised of deacons and deaconesses who serve as the hands-on extensions of the Elder Team, being authorized to meet the felt needs of the church. Our diaconate oversees the following areas: security, ordinances, hospitality, and sanctuary care.

Active Diaconate

  • Erica Allen
  • Jessie Butler
  • Nanette Butler
  • Robert Jones
  • John Mason
  • Loretta McDonald
  • Tony Steele
  • Rhon Walker