Impact Notes: Weds, February 21, 2024

STBC Family and Friends!

I praise God for His faithfulness and your obedience! As I expressed on Sunday about the church’s recent financial deficiencies in our weekly giving, I am proud to say you rose to the challengeSTBC!! 

For our annual budget, we have a weekly need of $24,561.00. There have been many weeks when our giving was in the red. Some weeks it was as high as $9,722.00 in the red. Likea warning light on our cars, I asked you not to avoid the warning signs. I told you that God will do the UNEXPECTED after we do the EXPECTED. Over the last 24 weeks, we’ve met our weekly budget only 9 times. At this rate, we would eat through our surplus in approximately 6 months.

But as the word of God went out and as the Spirit of God moved, we gave $62,785.57 to the LORD last Sunday! That was a $24,561 surplus! This means, God has deposited within STBC everything and everyone we need to do kingdom work on His behalf. We just need to commit to work with Jesus, like the little boy in John chapter 6 who gave his two fish and five loaves to feed over 5,000 people. 

For IMPACT Bible study this evening, we are going to learn more from this lad. We will see “Three Things That Are Good About Giving!” You will find the notes attached. Remember to arrive before 6:30 to enjoy some refreshments and a sweet time of worship. 


Pastor Chris