Impact Notes: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

STBC Family and Friends,

I hope you are ready to be challenged and encouraged in the word this evening! I’ve got something fresh out of the oven for our “I’d Rather Be…” series. This evening, May 1st,  we are going to look at how God said “a greater glory” would rest upon the shanty of a structure that was built under Governor Zerubbabel as opposed to the palatial temple built by King Solomon.

Why does God do this? How should this change how we view people and places of worship? If you had the choice (tell the truth): Would you rather be Zerubbabel’s temple or Solomon’s temple?

Join us on campus in The Tower where there will be refreshments, fellowship, worship, and classes for children, students and adults. If you are just getting home from work, I encourage to check us out online. Either way, come study and grow with me. You will find our Bible Study notes attached.

For God’s Glory,