Farewell to Hutch

by Pastor Chris Williamson

On December 18, 2013, Ken Hutcherson, Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington passed away after a twelve-year battle with bone cancer. Hutch founded Antioch Bible Church in 1982, and from its inception it was intentionally a multiethnic church. The church’s motto, “Black and White in a Grey World,” is used to describe both the church’s multiracial perspective and its commitment to the Bible as God’s infallible word.
My good friends Sherman and Sharon Smith joined STBC in 1996, and shortly thereafter I met their former pastor, Ken Hutcherson. Like Hutch, Sherman was a professional football player for the NFL. These two men met when they both played for the Seattle Seahawks in the late 1970’s. After Hutch had a career ending knee injury, he shared the gospel with Sherman and he went on to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
While at STBC, Sherman became one of the elders and he insisted that we bring Hutch in to speak to the elders, the men, and the church. I had no idea what I was getting into when Hutch first came to STBC. He preached and consulted just like he played linebacker—very forcefully! In a meeting with the elders and our wives sometime in 1997, Hutch lit into me about my desire to acquire a church building. Coming from a Baptist background, I defined the church with having a building, but Hutch wanted me to see that the church was defined by whom we meet with and not where we met, especially if it involved acquiring excessive debt to do so. That is why for over 18 years, STBC did its best to perfect being a portable church. Hutch also introduced our elders to the concept of unanimous decision-making as opposed to majority wins.
As I attended Hutch’s memorial service on January 11, 2014, I laughed, cried, reminisced, worshiped, and rejoiced with thousands of others. Hutch was a great example for me as a father, a husband, a believer, a leader, and a pastor. I pray that my life will leave such a lasting impact on others.
POSTED: January 18, 2014