GDK Presents: The 1619 Project Docuseries Viewing & Discussion

Dear STBC Family,

As a church community committed to experiencing, explaining and expanding God’s Diverse Kingdom, we’re excited to welcome you to join in watching and discussing the 1619 project (rated TVMA). We will meet once a month in May, June and July to watch episodes and have a engaging dialogue to process core themes and action steps. As a church family we want to understand our shared history, bear each other’s burdens and commit to fighting racism together.

Each day of this event will be unique and have separate episodes.  We invite you to participate in all three event days, if you are able to, as the discussion will be uniquely related to the episodes that are viewed that day.

Please join Dr. Mona Ivey-Soto as she hosts these events from 11am-1pm in the Fellowship Hall at STBC on the following dates:

Saturday June 24th

Saturday July 22nd

Saturday August 26th

Saturday September 23rd

Saturday October 21st

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