Apollos Training Institute- Fall 2018 Semester Classes

We are currently in YEAR 2 of the Apollos Training Institute Schedule.

The following classes are being offered as part of the Fall Semester (Sept-Dec).


Class Dates: Sundays, September 16th – December 9th

Class Time: 9:00-10:10am



  • Spiritual Gifts

FACILITATOR: Isaiah Marshall

DESCRIPTION: Students, are you ready to experience Jesus in a fresh way?!  Each believer has been given their own unique set of spiritual gifts.  Through this course, we will explore the function of each spiritual gift, while discovering and appreciating our own gifts and the gifts of others.  With this knowledge, we hope you will grasp the joy of allowing Jesus to minister through you as you exercise the spiritual gifts He has given you; equipping and empowering you to utilize your spiritual gifts as you join God in His mission, both within the local church and throughout the world.

Click HERE to register for the student class.  Registration must be completed by Sunday, September 9th.



  • Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

FACILITATORS: Shannon Patterson & Alfreda Harris

DESCRIPTION: Are you ready to discover and embrace the significance of your Spiritual Gifts?  In this class you will learn the purpose and function of your Spiritual Gifts.  You’ll also be equipped with strategies to utilize your Spiritual Gifts to impact the world around you for the Kingdom of God.

  • Intro to Apologetics: Defending Faith in a Post-Modern World

FACILITATORS: Randall Webb & Art Boissiere

DESCRIPTION: How are we to deal with questions of faith in a post-modern world?  What is apologetics and how can this discipline help us to be thoughtful and logical contributors in society?  This class will encourage students to think critically about matters of faith while also examining effective ways to engage dialogue with non-believers.

  • New Testament Survey: Beholding the 1st and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ

FACILITATORS: Pastor Chris Williamson & Paul Riviere

DESCRIPTION: Do you consider yourself to be a Christian who correctly handles the word of truth?  New Testament Survey is designed for each student to gain a firmer grasp of how the New Testament fits together and calls attention to Jesus Christ as its primary focal point.  Through a macro-level approach, this class will cover the author, date, purpose, key verses, interpretive challenges, and general outline of each of the 27 books of the New Testament.


Click HERE to register for one of the adult classes.  Registration must be completed by Sunday, September 9th.

Please Note: Children’s Ministry will be provided for children ages Birth-5th grade during the Apollos Training Institute classes, but it is important that you register yourself and your child(ren) so that we can prepare with sufficient adult helping hands.

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